Many parents want to get their children into the entertainment business.  The payoff of seeing your child acting on television or modeling in a print ad is very rewarding but no one tells you about the work permits, talent agents, auditions, and time that goes into it all.

When we first decided to get our then four month old twins in the business, we started from scratch and had no idea what we were doing.  Since I was a stay-at-home mom I had the time to put in with the research required.  At that time I didn’t know anyone personally who had their children in the business so I couldn’t ask for help or guidance.  I searched hours on end for talent agencies that represented babies and children.  The search was long and tough but I wouldn’t give up!

Thankfully I got in touch with a wonderful agent, Paloma Jackson who had given me great tips on how to submit my girls to the agency she was working for at the time.  The ball began to roll from that point.  Brooklyn and Madison were accepted into the agency but that was just the beginning.  Immediately we needed to get their work permits so they could begin booking.

Once all of the “ground work” was finished, the real work had begun.  Auditions!  It seemed pretty simple; audition and book the job!  But that isn’t at all how it worked.  I hadn’t taken into account the dozens and dozens of kids who would be auditioning for the same job.  I tell moms all the time that the amount of auditions the girls went on, far outweighed the amount of jobs they had booked.  We spent many hours in the car driving from city to city on as many auditions as possible!

Now, the rewarding part!

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There is nothing more rewarding than seeing your child flourish in front of strangers whom they’ve been booked on a job with.  There are other added bonuses such as your child seeing his/her face on screen or in print for the first time.  In addition the financial reward is great for your children.  They get the benefit of getting paid in a blocked account (Coogan Account) until they are 18 years old, ensuring that they will be wise enough to spend their money in the right place when they’re older!

There are many wonderful things that come from children being in the entertainment industry.  Parents just need to make sure they are making that decision for the right reasons.  Make sure you have the time to dedicate to this business and if you do, it will return its generosity!


  1. Robin,

    I’m glad that you posted this. Because we were just talking/ thinking about getting the boys (and the one one way) into print work and see where it goes. I was going to get in touch with you to ask for some guidance …

  2. I don’t believe in kids being in this entertainment business. Period. I think they can be anything they want but being “famous” before knowing what you’re getting into is a NO.

    Well, you know me already and I have passion for the music business but I am an adult. My daughters just signed a deal to write stories for kids. I pray everyday that they become SUCCESSFUL and not FAMOUS.

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