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I’ve had a few encounters with this young man who is making quite a name for himself.  Bryshere Gray, or “Yazz The Greatest”, is one of the young talented actors on Fox’s hit television show Empire.  After he had a few photo opportunities and several interviews at the red carpet premiere for Brotherly Love, I was graced with his presence to do an interview for The Urban Film Stage.

Immediately what I noticed about Bryshere was his profound intensity when it came to focusing on me and my questions.  This didn’t have anything to do with his “interest” in  me, but everything to do with his respect for each reporter he interviewed with.

“I’m locked in to you”, Bryshere said as he settled into my station before we began our chat.  His eye contact didn’t disengage much at all, which isn’t very typical of a young actor experiencing this type of fame and accolades at his age.

When asked how it feels to be a part of such a hit show, he’s clear about his intentions.  “I just want to inspire people,” he says.

I was definitely a fan of this young man but now I respect him more than ever before.

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