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When my husband and I decided to get married, like most people starting off, we did not have a lot of money to plan the wedding.  We knew it was a great idea and we  both knew and trusted God that it was time for us.  At the time, Robbie worked a full time job and I did as well.  Even though that was the case, we hadn’t began individually saving money for our future.

We started planning full steam ahead!  But my idea of planning and his idea of planning were two different things.  I had thoughts of asking relatives for help, looking for the best deals and discounts, while Robbie’s single most priority was to get another job.

This man went on to find a night time position and now his entire day was taken up with work.  I didn’t agree with his 9 to 5 and 6 to 11 p.m days.  Robbie didn’t have time to eat, let alone enjoy any part of his day.  I asked to stop working the second job.  When that didn’t work, I begged him to stop the second job.  When that didn’t work, I took my complaints to God.

In my prayer closet several things were revealed to me.  First, God showed me clearly the type of man that I was preparing to spend my life with.  This man is a go-getter and an achiever by any means necessary.  This is the type of man that would never let his family be down and out if he had anything to do with it.  This man will always find a way to make what seems impossible, possible!  In addition to those beautiful things though, God revealed that my man was also showing a lack of trust in God.  God reminded me that He was the one who orchestrated this union and that if anything we required would be taken care of.  When I told Robbie about my conversation with God, He quit his night time job immediately.

The next day, miraculous things started happening for us.  People began to donate anything they had access to.  My dress was paid for, our live wedding music was donated, our vacation was given to us, our wedding coordinator donated her time, our decorator donated her time and money, our hotel stay on wedding day was paid for.  It was a whirlwind but it was incredible!  In addition to all of those things, the evening of our wedding we went back to our room and opened every envelope we had received.  We had more money gifted to us than we knew what to do with at that time.  All in all, our entire wedding was paid for!

The point is, I was so happy that God showed me from day one the man who I was marrying.  The has stayed true to this day.  Robbie is a provider by nature.  Too many are so quick to marry someone without paying attention to the most important things about him while they’re dating.

Hopefully our generation will pay more attention to each other.  Maybe then we’ll stop having so many divorces.  Just my thoughts!



6 thoughts on “IS HE A PROVIDER?

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  2. Such a simple idea, but yet so powerful. If we ignore these basic principals and forgo our convictions for moments of satisfaction not knowing what mess we can make. On the flip if we obey the word of GOD, follow our hearts and invite someone that shares our values what wonderful things spring forth.

    God bless you both! Love the blog! Stay in the light!


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