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In an effort to truly appreciate all of my experiences in 2015 before moving into the next, I had to stop and really think about the people who’ve made this year extremely special for me.  I began to think about people who’ve inspired me, people who’ve made me laugh the most, people whom I’ve had memorable experiences with in 2015.  To honor those people, I put together a list of my top 15 people for multiple categories.  Some may even find their names in several places.  I just want to say thank you for contributing to not only my year, but my life!

15 People Who Made Me Proud: Sixx John (Writer for Empire Season 2), Ranada Shepard (Creator of Born Again Virgin on TVOne), Brandy Norwood (Roxie Hart in Chicago),  Drianna Plummer (Sprinkle of Love bakery), Ernest Dukes (Creator of The Assist), Conscious (Homeless to Hollywood one woman show),  Kendra Segura (ahem DR. Segura!), Corlandos and Tamara Scott (birthed baby Caitlyn),  Goo Goo Atkins (Goo Ru Style on WeTV), Jason Hodge and Shannon Livingston (got married), Queenie Johnson (Celebrity Consultant), Phoenix White (packed everything and moved to Asia to serve others), Wendy Aguirre (following her dreams)

15 People Who I Laughed the Hardest WITH or AT: Keisha Epps, Page Kennedy, Ana Nemore, Drini Marie, Kennelia, Ernest Dukes, Heather Wilson, Shay Calhoun, Lauren Rodgers, Nini (4everNini)

15 People Who Inspired Me:  Chico Benymon (stayed in the gym, Dani B (lost all her weight…beautiful before and even more now), Arnold Turner (his reputation proceeds him, great work), Steve Jones (The Hollywood Confidential, I don’t know how he does it all),  Kiki Ayers (stays gettin’ it!),  Jennifer Freeman (a champion and super talented), Christy Joy (your body after 3 kids is INSANE.  #PregnantNotPowerless), Miss Diddy (Her name says it all), Shawn Barton (Your light shines BRIGHT), Brandon Watson (I believe you’re family will be known by the masses), Dustin Felder (The way your brain thinks…MAN!), Torrei Hart (When you said it’s go time, you MEANT exactly what you said), Devon Shepard (I can’t believe I actually know you lol. Legend in the making), Deborah Chiccoa (My mom, Superwoman)!

15 Of My Top Supporters (Actually there’s more than 15 of you guys): Robbie Ayers, Brenda Hicks, Nini, Brendt Adams, Timothy Brown, Delise Chung, Courtney Re’nae, Bamm Bamm Chillin, Stacey Dillon, Leslie Dempsey, Trisha Johnson, Ana Nemore, Kendra Segura, Joseph Cook (JoeyEverAfter), Sasha Smith, Heather B Coolin, Danielle/Eric Causey, Sean Bridgewater

15 People I’ve Had Memorable Experiences With:  Seeing my cousins Erica and Gail after 30+ years, Dancing with Dion and Ana in NY after 10 years, Heather and Elizabeth showing my friends and I around NY,  Fahnia and Lee Bailey telling me my work was great on EUR Web, Shaun Robinson calling me on the phone to discuss my reel, When Fred and Heather Wilson took us to the Janet Jackson concert, Hanging out with Char Glover for one night in LA, Robbie Ayers (too many to name), Handing out care packages to the homeless with Otilia and Sebastian, Kenny, Chico and Ryan.

15 People I Want To Work With/Collab With/ or Interview Next Year: Sixx John (Creative Genius), Koran Bolden (Motivational Speaker/Entrepreneur) , Sarah Jakes Roberts (She astonishes me, Publisher), Nina Parker (Correspondent), Karen Civil (She’s so dope), Oprah (For obvious reasons), Stacia Pierce (Queen Life Coach), Ariana Pierce (Princess of Entrepreneurship), Kevin Hart (clearly), T Jones (producer extradordinaire), Derek Folk (Everything he touches is gold), Ernest Dukes (Publicist King, Producer).

15 People I Just Adore (More Than 15 Too): Darline Hull, Brandi Williams, Sheree Fletcher, English Cleveland, Tashia Deveaux, Shamicka Lawrence, Niki Davis, Morgan Laroyce, Brandi Allen, Alexis Seton, Otilia Baker, Jade Folk, Jackie Folk, Leah Pump, Queenie Johnson, Yasmine Abriel, Trisha Pinkett, Antoinette Campbell

Thank you all again for being an extremely positive force in my life!!

Ra Ra


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