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Have you ever gone through something and people say “I’m going to pray for you,” with great intentions but no real sincerity?  It seems as though that phrase has become as common as saying “hello” or “how are you?” without truly wanting to know the answer.

Last year, I noticed that I also fell into the trap of saying things that were polite to say but didn’t have my fullest intention behind it.  I wanted to change that, and I did it in a big way.  I went to my Facebook page and created my first video with the goal of praying for people and their goals.  The difference is that this time I meant every word of what I said.  I created a written list of everyone who sent in a prayer to me.  I physically wrote them out so that I could even pray and meditate on them as I was writing.

I was hoping to continue this for a while but as you can imagine, it’s a lot of work! lol

It’s 2017 and I just started another list.  This is a two fold blessing.  It helps the ones I’m praying for and it disciplines my intentions to really follow through with what I say.  Follow my journey on my Instagram and see how it goes!

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