Years ago I used to work with the Norwood family.  I would go into the office daily and help them all individually while learning business from Sonja and being inspired from Willie Norwood.

Since all of the private offices were taken, I would sit up front at the receptionist desk and I would gladly be the first smile that any guests would come in contact with.  Almost everyday Ray J would walk into the office, give me a hug and say “I know you have more skills, you need to get from behind that desk!  Let’s make it happen!”  Of course I agreed and I would always ask how he wanted me to help him out.  One thing I’ve always known about Ray J was his tenacity when it came to business and his undeniable grind!  I wanted to be a part in making him and his brand grow even bigger.

Thankfully after so many times of his daily greetings and challenging me, I got up the nerve to just begin!  Ray J would reassure me that we were on the same team, we could make things happen.  With his reassurance, I began talking to people and taking meetings with them.  I started becoming a liaison for him to conduct business.  I learned the art of negotiation through many attempts of making business deals.  I learned how not to be intimidated by talking big money!

Through it all, Ray J attended each meeting that I held.  He got on each conference call that I set up.  He trusted me enough to know I had his best interest at heart.  He still doesn’t know this but I have him to thank for allowing me to get hands on experience in getting out of my own comfort zone.  He is one of the hardest working men I know and I love how he stays on his grind.  I learned a lot from Ray J and I’m grateful for his friendship today along with the rest of the Norwood family, whom I like to call extended family to me.


5 thoughts on “HOW RAY J HELPED ME GROW

  1. If you can remember our first meeting at the JW Marriott LA Live, while I was visiting from Miami, I must say that you were well polished and I appreciated your professionalism. Now I must say that you are a “Boss to a Boss” in your own right..Big ups to RayJ and the entire Norwood family!

    1. Brian, I do remember! Thank you so much for the compliments. I’ve been groomed well…by the best! I observe a lot and I know you do too. That’s why you are who you are and how you’ve gotten to where you have also. Great job!

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