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Has anyone else noticed that record producer turned motivational icon, DJ Khaled, has been on the upper echelon of success lately?  He has been quite successful for some time now having released his debut album in 2006, Listennn…the Album with several successful albums that followed.  Khaled was known to many for producing major hits with major artists but never the man in the forefront…until now.  Several major announcements have recently made including him signing to new management, ROC NATION, as well as receiving a huge Apple deal from Jimmy Iovine, and lastly he will be going on tour with Beyonce for her 2016 world tour!

The self proclaimed Music Mogul had his first television interview on Ellen where the world was able to see his positivity and motivation.  Khaled often speaks of “they” saying things like “They don’t want us to win” and he’s taken his message to the masses with keys to success.

If you haven’t seen his snapchat messages, go to www.theydontwantyouto.win to view different messages from the man himself.  In my opinion, we need more of DJ Khaled in our day to day timelines.  Not only to feel empowered but to celebrate hip hop combined with inspiration.


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