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I guess the one nervous feeling that all parents have in common is the anxiety of knowing you’ll have to have “The Talk” with your kids at some point.  When my ten year old twins were toddlers, I boasted about how easy it would be in the future to have that type of conversation, chalking it up to my pure realism attitude that I would have with my kids.

Well, lo’ and behold, here I am…and there they are.  It’s definitely time to have the “real” conversation with them and if I’m being honest, their curiosity in romance is causing this convo to happen sooner than later.  Fortunately, I do feel slightly comfortable enduring a 30-45 minute conversation to get the juices flowing (ugh, sorry for the pun…not intended).  I am fully aware though, that these will be a series of talks that we will be having.  My goal is to get myself and my children comfortable enough to be able to talk freely about sex to me or their dad.

I recently read an article on Teen Vogue talking about anal sex.  There are far more things that are encompassed in the casual sex talk than when I was growing up, so I’m very curious.  What are your experiences with talking to your kids about sex?  What was the first time like and did it get easier the more you’ve had open dialect?  Is it easier talking to boys than it is with girls?  These are things we all want to know, so please feel free to share!

One thing I know for sure, is that WE GOT THIS!  If you’re a first timer like me, I’ve got your back.  I’ll share any news, experiences, happy and non expected moments as I can!

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