I was only 25 years old but my life was changing for the better and I wanted him to be a part of that.  I prayed about it, I dreamt about it, and my answer was clear.  I knew he was the man I was supposed to marry.

He clearly enjoyed me as well.  We spent almost every moment we could on the phone talking or texting.  He was my best friend and I was definitely his.  The only problem was he had his cake and was eating it too.  Like a lot of men, he wasn’t quite ready to settle down yet.

Robbie was the single bachelor whom all the women wanted.  He was “kinda” seeing this woman and “kinda” seeing that woman.  He was also very easily accessible for women to call because he is a great person to talk to.  I dealt with it for several months because I was not his “girlfriend” although I wanted to be.

One evening as he was dropping me off at my place, we were in his car pulled over to the curb.  There was silence in the car, other than our intermittent conversation.  His phone rang.  After their greetings I noticed the voice on the other line was one of a woman.  I heard her say “hi baby” and at that moment I just became infuriated.  I got out of the car thoroughly convinced that this friendship/relationship was over!  “He has the nerve!”, “I’m not a toy he can just pick up and put down”, “I’m done”, were all thoughts that were running through my mind as I stormed off.  I was so upset that I didn’t even realize at the time that Robbie was running after me.

I tried the dramatic “slam door in the face” move but he was on my heels and pushed his way inside.  Before me was a man who had changed in under a couple of minutes.  A man who was about to lose something so valuable that it was irreplaceable if he didn’t save it.  A man that made a decision to take heed to the intuition in his gut that I was his wife.

He asked me I wanted.  I told him he needed to make a decision as to whom he wanted.  The decision was made that night.  Our destinies were solidified that night.  We became a couple in October, engaged in December, and married in June of 2005.

If you know what you hold has value, you can’t plead with anyone to tell you its value.  Similarly, if you know without a shadow of a doubt that you are meant to have something, take it!  You never know how long it will be before you before it disappears!

Ayers Flow

7 thoughts on “TO BE OR NOT TO BE: A COUPLE

  1. I really enjoy seeing you guys together, you can tell that your love is authentic for eachother.God knows that’s hard to come by, so keep the love coming because the world is watching you. God bless your union I’ll be praying for you.

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