turquoise pool sky

When I was a child I needed an escape from reality.  While most children were somewhere laughing and playing, I was witnessing things that no child should.  Although those times were tough, I was still able to take mini vacations from, out of all places, television!

I remember turning on the TV to watching cartoons and the things that stood out to me were fascinating!  The colors made me happy.  The green grass was vibrant and the yellow sun almost penetrated through the screen to warm my skin.  More than that, I found myself falling in love with the electrifying color of the skies and the bodies of water I would see!  I learned that the color was TURQUOISE!  It was inviting and I was always more than happy to indulge.

Ever since then my happiness from the television’s turquoise transferred over into reality.  If I colored with a crayon, I wanted to use turquoise.  If I painted my room, I wanted to paint it turquoise.  When I choose a destination vacation, I look at the colors of the water and the sky.

My favorite color to date is turquoise and in a small way I have my childhood circumstances to thank for that!

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