The moment I began to follow Tyrese Gibson on Twitter years ago, I was instantly impressed at how inspirational he was.  Here was a man whom I’ve been a fan of for quite some time but solely based on his singing and acting skills.  I had no idea at the time that he was such an enthusiast for life.  I didn’t know that his thoughts and motivations were so grand!  I tweeted something to Tyrese one day and he began to follow me!  I thought that was huge but I didn’t know what was in store.

One day Tyrese tweeted his daily inspirations to his followers.  One of the questions that he asked was “What is your goal for the year?” which of course got a lot of responses from his followers.  Instead of tweeting back to him, I decided to Direct Message him instead.  I had several goals that I had listed out and one of them was to sit down with him for a lunch and pick his brain!  Hey, I knew it was outlandish but what was the harm in asking, I thought.

Sure enough, he responded!  He wasn’t totally with a sit down lunch or anything; after all, I was a complete stranger!  But what happened next blew me away!  He asked for my number to call me.  I was in total shock!

Tyrese followed through.  He called me and asked me about my life goals, what I did for a living and what I wanted to do.  Based on that information he began to tell me ways to achieve what I was after.  He gave me a piece of advice that stood out.  “Know the players in the game of the field you want to enter.  Know where they hang out and where they dine.  Go to those places, even if you can’t afford to eat a large meal.  You can always order a salad and water.  Network with those people.  Think outside the box“, he said!

There were many things he told me during that 40 minute conversation, a lot of which I have applied to this day!  Thinking outside the box when it comes to my life and things I want has helped me not to be complacent with where I was.  I am forever grateful to Tyrese for that one conversation we shared because its helped change the way I am about things I want.

What I want to share with you: Just about everyone in life wants better for themselves but most of them won’t go after it.  Some of them will try to achieve those things but will follow the crowd to get there.  But YOU are different!  YOU think of ways that no one else has thought of to get there even better, faster, and/or smarter than everyone else.

Whatever you want in life, you have the ability to make it happen!  Go get it!!  Thanks Tyrese!




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