2015 BET Awards weekend kicks off with Miss Diddy’s 2nd Annual “A Toast To Young Hollywood” where everyone came from far and wide to celebrate with Hollywood’s rising stars such as Terrence J, Quincy Brown, Meek Mill, as well as established veterans like Hip Hop mogul and entrepreneur, Russell Simmons and television producer Mona Scott-Young.

Miss Diddy, L.A.’s top and only female promoter and CEO of The Brand Group, put on a classy and high-end event at the W Hollywood Hotel to honor some of the people who inspire her. “It was important for me to be able to create something that I can do for them and honor them and tell them that they inspire me because that’s how my career has been for a long time,” says Miss Diddy.

Robin Ayers spoke to a number of celebrities including mogul Russell Simmons about advice they would give to other rising stars. Pertaining to Black Hollywood Simmons says, “A lot of African Americans, maybe they want to tell the African American story and that’s good, but they can tell any story they want about any race or any culture they want and they shouldn’t be limited to telling only stories about their best friend.”

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