Several years ago a friend of mine who owned and operated a production company, called me up at night.  He said “hey, do you know who Keith Sweat is?  Do you know a lot about him and his music?”  My response of course was “Absolutely!  I grew up on his music!”   With all the questions he was asking me I thought he was going to tell me a funny or interesting story about Keith Sweat that I hadn’t heard before.  Instead, the next thing that proceeded out of his mouth was “Good, I’m glad you know all about him because I need you to interview him tomorrow at 12:00pm”.

I thought my friend was joking!  I told him I had never interviewed anyone in my life.  He began to tell me that he knew I could do it and be great.  He wanted me to do some research that night and come up with all of my questions for Keith the next day.  I said yes.

I had no idea where to begin and as nervous as I was, I was excited for something new!  I was grateful for the opportunity and I knew it was a kind of once in a lifetime type of thing.

Google became my best friend that night.  I stayed up studying about Keith’s life and brushed up on all of his music.  I was ready!  The following day came around and as I stood on the green screen set with full production and crew, I wondered “what would I have missed if I said no”.

The interview lasted about two hours.  I felt like I had just entered a zone that I have never been in before.  It was my zone!  Everyone from the crew told me how great it was and that it seemed like I had been doing this forever.  I got such a satisfaction from that day and I will eternally be grateful to myself that I just said “YES“!

3 thoughts on “JUST SAY YES!

  1. Lindsay- she wants to model- but I have no idea how to really get her into it. Not only does she loves hivang her picture taken she is way too into fashion for a 6 year old. Clearly she got those qualities from Jenny because they didn’t come from me!

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