After selling millions of albums and establishing herself as the first female rap artist to be nominated for a Grammy, MC Lyte is still on top of her game as a Speaker, Host, Voiceover Artist, and Hip Hop Legend.

Entertainment Host, Robin Ayers, recently sat down for an exclusive interview with Lyte where they discussed her many hats and how she has progressively moved forward within the entertainment industry. During the interview they discussed MC Lyte’s latest album, Legend, which was exclusively released on vinyl for National Record Store Day. In addition, Lyte opened up about her career moves within the industry.

When asked if she has had any fear or hesitations about transitioning into new fields, Lyte says, “I’m sure somewhere along the way, but the vision that I believe God has shown me, He’s gonna keep me safe.”

Watch the full interview now!  For more on MC Lyte, visit for booking and contact information.

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