No Insecurity

I spent a lot of time observing jealousy in relationships when I was growing up.  I saw a lot of women venture over into their “crazy zone” and quite a few men as well.  Women would throw fits at their man if he even noticed another beautiful woman.  Men would have full blown child-like tantrums if a man approached their woman, as if she were his property.

My take on it was always this: if you keep the magic at home, you never have to worry about him and another woman.  It may sound cliché or even too simple to fathom but again it’s always been my theory.  There are a few things that I know within my marriage.

  1. We are literally best friends
  2. We have chemistry and we laugh a lot!
  3. We communicate very well but most importantly, effectively!
  4. We understand each other
  5. We have the best intentions for one another

If these are things that I know without a shadow of a doubt, there is no need for me to be jealous or insecure of another woman.  Those are internal issues that come when you are not confident of the value you hold within yourself as well as in your relationship.  I always tell Robbie that I don’t have to be insecure because I know he could never have the same chemistry with anyone else that he has with me.  My belief in “us” is so high that even if he happened to connect with somebody else, to me that’s just a physical thing.  He still wouldn’t have the magic with her that he has with me; hence, he would always come home.  He has the same trust and belief in me.  We’re so comfortable with that concept that at times we even point out great features or qualities on the opposite sex.

To me, its just that simple!  Relationships are meant to be nurtured and blossom because of the love that’s put into it.  They are not supposed to be twisted and manipulated to keep a person there with you.

Just put the best intentions into any relationship and if it’s meant to be, it will flow with ease.  There is no need to be insecure about anyone of the opposite sex if you know you give 100% of yourself to your relationship!



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