I was around five years old when I remember first being called a “solid” girl.  From my understanding I wasn’t fat, chubby, or thick, but I was indeed “solid”.  My older sister, however, was thin so in comparison, I definitely stood out.

All those years people around me didn’t realize the complex and negative thoughts they were transferring to me, and quite honestly, I didn’t realize it either.

Without realizing it throughout my childhood and teenage years, I gave precedence to my friends whom I believed to be thinner/”prettier” than I was.  I always had a way of playing myself to an inferior position with them.  Perhaps subconsciously I thought my image played a role.  Perhaps I was too “big” to be considered beautiful.

Subsequently, guys weren’t very attracted to me because I had no confidence to go along with the curves that I had grown into.  The struggle!

Thank God for my endeavor at age 20 when I went away to college.  Something miraculous happened: I found myself!  I realized that my body image was not the primary factor, but my personality and intelligence were!

When I came to a solid conclusion that I actually liked who I was as a person, my confidence shifted in a major way!  I embraced me and I embraced all of me!  My walk became different.  My presence walking into a room grew by leaps and bounds.  I knew from that point on that my curves were an addition to my personality and that it was simply the icing on the cake.

Ladies, whether you’re round, curvaceous, thin, heavy set, muscular, or boxy, when you begin to embrace yourself for who you really are, meaning the spirit within, you will embrace your body and structure along with it.  Love yourself because who you are is simply BEAUTIFUL!

5 thoughts on “WOMEN WITH CURVES ROCK!

  1. I am solid and strong and fearfully and wonderfully made in His image. Thanks for sharing sis! Blessings & Increase to you!

  2. Yes I absolutely agree. Being in a field where I take care of women. I have observed that “happy women” work with what they have and everything else comes.
    xoxoxoxo Rob

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